Are you feeling stressed, anxious, depressed, irritable or moody?

If you are stressed out or depressed and it is affecting your family and social life, it is time to do something about it.

You can manage your stress, depression, anxiety, irritability or moodiness naturally without the side effects of drugs. To find out more, contact us by filling up the contact form or phone us on 09-2728203.

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Natural Stress & Fatigue Management

Improve Your Energy, Feel Better and Be Happy

Stress is a modern day challenge faced by many and prolonged periods of stress can play havoc with your health. Your body secretes stress hormones: adrenaline and noradrenaline, often known as the short term stress hormones and cortisol, the long term stress hormone.

After a period of prolonged stress, from work commitments, business, children or relationship stresses, many of the body's physiological function is affected, from changes in body composition, energy expenditure, mood and sleep patterns to hormonal balance.

Many cases of stress and anxiety are often simply misdiagnosed as depression. When patients are put onto anti-depressants and feel no better, it is important to address the problem appropriately and systematically work out if they are suffering from stress, anxiety, depression or have adrenal fatigue.

Adrenal Fatigue

Adrenal fatigue is a condition where the adrenals glands (the size of a walnut and sit on top of the kidneys) have been used and overused for a prolonged period of time without the appropriate break and nourishment. The glands shrivel up and many of the physiological functions go out of balance.

Nutriactionz Systematic Approach to Stress Management

At NutriActionz, we have a systematic approach to help ascertain if you are suffering from stress, anxiety or depression. We help you address the problem (whether it is stress, anxiety or depression) and assess if you suffer from adrenal fatigue through our comprehensive consultation and proprietary questionnaires. In Hemaview Live Blood Screening, prolonged stress will also affect how your blood displays on screen and your differential white blood cell count. It can deplete you nutritionally and your Bioimpedance Cellular Health Test will show poorer cellular quality.

Personalised Systematic Approach to Stress Management

Our personalised systematic approach to heal your nervous system and restore your adrenals with dietary modifications, herbal and nutritional supplements will improve energy production and your sense of wellbeing.