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Best Value Resveratrol supplement!

  1. High potency Resveratrol (100mg) plus freeze dried Acai(pronounced Ah-Sigh-Ee) and other powerful antioxidants.
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  4. Totally Vegetarian Formula in vegecaps. Suitable for Vegans.

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Beat Fatigue with ResAcai

ResAcai is not just another Resveratrol product.
ResAcai is a powerful Resveratrol with freeze dried Acai plus other super antioxidant blend.

Energy, Vitality & Longevity

Resveratrol provides antioxidant protection for the heart and supports healthy circulation. Decade of studies including some recent studies have shown that resveratrol supports rejuvenation and healthy ageing.

Acai is a low glycemic load food that provides sustained energy.

Tumeric is well-known for its assistance with better joint mobility, breast health and prostate health.

Pine bark is used for improving cognitive function.

Grape seed extract together with resveratrol help with healthy heart, assist blood sugar regulation, supports brain and eye health and protects against collagen and elastin breakdown.

And when you combine them all, you have a super dose of antioxidants your body needs to reduce free radical damage!

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Resveratrol & Acai Berry

Powerful Antioxidant Blend

90 Vege Capsules (up to 3 months supply)

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ResAcai Ingredients:

  • Resveratrol (Polygonum cuspidatum root extract) 100mg
  • Acai freeze dried (Euterpe oleracea) 150mg
  • Tumeric (Circuma longa) 80mg
  • Pine bark (Pinus maritima) 30mg
  • Grape seed (Vitis vinifera) 50mg
Dosage: 1-2 capsules per day

Precaution: If you are taking blood thinning medication especially Warfarin, you should discuss with your health care professional before consuming this product due to the support it has for a healthy heart and circulation. Theoretically there could be a potentiation of the blood thinning effect. If you have any bleeding disorders or tendencies, you should be monitored by your health care professional when taking this product. Stop consuming this product two weeks prior to surgery. Do not consume during pregnancy and lactation.

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