Are you tired and lack the zest of life?

Toxicity may be one of the reasons why you are tired and lack the energy to do the things you enjoy and live your life to the fullest.

Using the right herbs and nutritional supplements to support your body's detoxification process can improve your energy level, your health and your wellbeing.

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Give your Body a Cleanse and Stay Healthy

What is toxicity? Toxicity refers to the potential of a substance to be poisonous.  Toxicity can interfere with the normal mechanism of the body's processes and can cause blockages in cellular transport mechanism, mimicking of hormones or neurotransmitters and blockage of nutrient absorption.

The products and by-products of our digestive system is a major source of toxicity.  Foods, if not digested properly, can fuel the growth of dysbiotic organisms.  This allows yeasts, unfriendly bacteria and other pathogenic organisms to proliferate in our digestive tract.  Poor dietary choices, use of medications that disrupt the gut bacteria balance, stress and diseases of the digestive tract can cause an increase in toxic burden in our bodies.

Protect Yourself against Toxins

Physical barriers, our digestive secretions, our immune system and enzyme systems process toxins and excrete the toxins via sweat, breath, urine and bile. Our elimination organs, namely our skin, liver, kidney and lymphatic system are all involved in protecting us against toxicity.  These organs function as a "filter" to clean out the toxic material in our body. A healthy gut has low toxicity, the liver is healthy, most toxins are excreted via the urine and stool, the immune system is healthy and there is a low level of inflammation in the body.  Conversely, when the body is toxic, the liver is overburdened, the blood is dirty and there is poor toxin clearance through the urine and stool.  This usually entails in a compromised immune system and a high level of inflammation in the body.

As with all filters, in order to filter well, the filter needs to be cleaned and serviced.  A detoxification programme aims to service our filters and rid the toxicity in the body.

Central to the effects of toxic exposure is the functional capacity of the human body to deal with the exposure, and this explains why similar exposure will produce a disease in one person and have no apparent ill effects in another.

Contributors to Toxic Load

  • Xenobiotics (e.g. insecticides, drugs, solvents, etc.);
  • Infection;
  • Moulds, pollen, lectins;
  • Processed foods, junk food, alcohol, smoking, recreational drugs;
  • Hormonal imbalances; and
  • Stress.

Reduction in toxic load and the provision of appropriate herbs and nutrients to replenish insufficiencies and support normal body function are the keys to managing toxic symptoms.

Symptoms and Diseases Associated with Toxicity

Recurrent headaches, muscle aching and weakness, recurrent infections, infertility, chronic fatigue and lethargy, depression, anxiety or mood swings, poor short-term memory and concentration, anaemia, allergies, asthma, fibromylgia, inflammatory bowel disease, reproductive disorders, hormonal imbalances, chronic fatigue syndrome, autism, multiple chemical sensitivities, neurodegenerative disorder, various types of cancer.

Nutriactionz Detoxification for Health Program

If you experience any of the symptoms or diseases listed or you are constantly exposed to the contributors of toxic load, you should do the Nutriactionz Detoxification for Health Program.

How is Nutriactionz Detoxification for Health Program different from over the counter detox packs?
Over the counter detoxification packs assume everyone is the same.  With the Nutriactionz Detoxification for Health Program, you will have a tailored program to your circumstances and different tests done to ascertain what is required for you.  The whole program, inclusive of all foods, lifestyle choices and supplements required during the period of the detoxification is given to you in a personal file.

How long is the program?
It varies between individuals but typically runs for three weeks for a healthy adult. The program you get is something you can apply to your daily living even after you complete the program.  We have the following detoxification programs:

6 week Integrated Detoxification Program
This program aims to give your body a tailored program for a good spring clean, working through detoxification of the bowels, kidneys and liver. You will use nutritional and herbal supplements in conjunction with a healthy diet. You will come out of this program refreshed and rejuvenated. Just as you would send your car for service, change the oil and air filter, you should do the same for your body, without changing the filters, but cleaning them out.

3 week Detoxification for Health Program
This is a top up program when you need to do a quick detoxification. It is a tailored program that uses herbs and nutritional supplements to support your body's detoxification process. This program works best with a healthy diet to rejuvenate and refresh you.

Feel better, stay healthy, call us now to start on your tailored Detoxification for Health program.


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