Sick and tired of being sick and tired?

If you are always sick and out of action, your immunity may be weak.

Changing your diet with the right immunity support can reduce the frequency of you coming down sick and improve your immunity, energy level, health and wellbeing.

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Naturopathic Consultation

Consult us to Deal with your Health Issues Naturally

Naturopathy has been around for thousands of years. Naturopathy is a natural health modality that treats disharmony and imbalances in the body by using natural herbs, food, nutrition and relaxation. A key feature of naturopathy is the holistic approach to the patient, where treatments are highly individualized to the specific needs of the patient rather than just treating the disease.

Our current health care system is focused on treating a disease with drugs that often suppress the symptoms. In contrast, a naturopath is trained to work with the symptoms and more importantly the cause of the disease. Naturopathy complements the allopathic health system by educating patients on preventative healthcare and empower patients with dietary, nutritional and lifestyle tools to proactively seek optimal health. Naturopathy uses natural remedies including herbal medicine and works on the innate ability of the body's healing power.

Naturopaths adhere to the following seven principles:

  1. First, do no harm (primum non nocere) - Provide the most effective health care with minimum risk to the patient.
  2. Nature has healing powers (vis medicatrix naturae) - Recognise, respect and promote the healing power of nature inherent in each human being.
  3. Identify and treat the cause (tolle causum) - Identify and remove the cause of illness, rather than just eliminate or suppress the symptoms.
  4. The physician as teacher - Educate and inspire rational hope and encourage self responsibility for health.
  5. Treat the whole person - Treat each person by considering all individual health factors and influences.
  6. Prevention is the best cure - Emphasize the condition of health to promote wellbeing and to prevent diseases for the individual, community and the world at large.
  7. Establish health and wellness - The absence of a disease does not equate to wellness. True health and wellness is more than just not being diagnosed with a disease.

In New Zealand, practising naturopaths need to have completed at least a Diploma in Naturopathy from an accredited institution of higher learning. Completion of a degree provides more extensive study in health sciences, natural remedies and the application of Evidence Based Medicine to naturopathy. Practising naturopaths need to be registered to ensure that they are suitably qualified, keep to a certain standard of practice and keep abreast with the dynamic changes in this field.

How does a Naturopathic Consultation at Nutriactionz Work?

Unlike a visit to the doctor for 10 minutes, an initial consultation with a naturopath is at least 40 minutes, going through a thorough evaluation of your current health. At Nutriactionz, you will also need to answer a Health Appraisal Questionnaire. In addition to our comprehensive initial case take, we also employ Live Blood Screening and Bioimpedance Analysis during your initial consultation where applicable. During your consultation, we will work through your health and all the questions to help piece together a picture of your health. We go through an investigative process to find the best and most efficient strategy to deal with your health challenge. Once your health goals, budget and urgency of your case has been taken into consideration, you will be given advice on dietary, lifestyle and/or nutritional changes and given herbs, homeobotanicals, flower essences, vitamins, minerals and/or antioxidants to work on your health.

You will be required to come in for a followup consultation at a later time and you will then receive the treatment and diet / lifestyle change recommendations. You will need to feedback on your compliance and results of the changes made from the initial consultation. Followups are important for us to know what works for you as treatments are individualized and tailored to individual circustances and conditions. Followup Live Blood Screening and Bioimpedance Analysis help us to objectively evaluate your progress. If there are any further tests required for your wellness, the test recommended will be explained to you and you are in total control.

How We Practise

We serve many clients within New Zealand and outside New Zealand. Clients out of the Auckland area or out of New Zealand often schedule long distance consultations either through phone, email or Skype. Please contact us directly on the process which is quite different for each person depending on your circumstances.

Appointment Policy

A minimum of 48 hours notice of any cancellation is required. Rescheduling is preferred. If you do not give us 48 hours notice, you will be charged 50% of the fees and a no notification no show will incur 100% of the fees. We urge you to be considerate to everyone as we need to take care of other clients as well.