Want to know more about food and nutrition and how they affect your health?

Health is your greatest asset as without it, you won't be able to enjoy your wealth.

Your diet can seriously affect your health. Find out how real food and nutrition can transform your health.

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Health Seminar

Health Seminar

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Health Seminar - Food Wisdom by Irene

Enhance Your Knowledge to Live a Happier & Healthier Life

One of our missions is to enhance the understanding of food and nutrition and how food can help improve your health. We hold free seminar regularly on food and health related issues. If you are interested in attending the seminar and understanding how food and natural remedies can transform your health, register your interest below and we will email you when we run the next seminar.

Organisations and Businesses

We also offer health seminar to organizations and businesses. Please contact us to discuss your requirements if you are interested to engage us to hold a seminar to speak to your team regarding food, health and natural remedies as part of your company's Health and Safety educational programme or staff/company events or functions.

What people say about our seminars:

"Preparing healthy food is not that difficult. Thank you for the recipes!" - F. Adams

"Very good information. Would highly recommend attending as an introduction to learning about food" - W. Cooper

"Excellent seminar: so wish I was better informed many years ago. I think this should be a compulsory subject in schools." - D. Marsh

"Excellent information. This is a good basis on learning about food & how we can incorporate it into everyday living" - J. Myatt

"Clear, relevant information for today's lifestyles & wonderful tips on how to reduce illness" - S. Shadbolt

"Thank you for your very knowledgeable & inspirational presentation. Irene's passion and enthusiasm for vibrant preventative health is only surpassed by her knowledge." - Deb

"I learned the myths about fat, protein & carbs. I also learned how to read labels so I know what's good food or not." - Julie

"Excellent presentation. Lots of fun as well as knowledge." - A. Narayan

"Very useful information" - K. Chhour

We will inform you the date and time of our next seminar when we run one. Seats are limited. Please register your interest below:

Yes, please register and email me the seminar details.

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